Information officer (polling day)

Principal Tasks

  • Helps with setting up and closing the polling place
  • Greets electors at the main or exterior entrance and directs them to the voting room or waiting area in foyers or reception rooms
  • Directs electors to their polling station or registration desk
  • Reminds electors to have their voter information card and ID available and answers their questions
  • Informs electors about any special processes or procedures, including the wearing and availability of masks during COVID-19 and the location of hand sanitizer stations
  • Ensures that entry logs are completed
  • Recognizes when an elector may need extra assistance and helps them as necessary, including opening the door for them if the polling place is not equipped with automatic door openers or ensuring that they have translation services if needed
  • Greets candidates and candidates' representatives and directs them to the CPS or admits them for observation
  • Supports the CPS in ensuring that the polling place remains safe, which includes sanitizing high-touch areas from time to time
  • Ensures that the polling place closes at the prescribed time and that electors who enter the polling place before it closes can exercise their right to vote
  • Helps count the ballots on election night

Overview of Qualifications

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be at least 16 years old on polling day
  • Have good communication skills to effectively provide direction and instructions
  • Have experience in managing large groups to help electors circulate in an orderly fashion
  • Have experience completing simple forms with information from the public or clients
  • Be tactful and exercise good judgment
  • Remain polite and courteous (demonstrate professionalism)

Remuneration* (Rate is subject to change)

$17.72/hour plus overtime paid at a rate of one and a half times the hourly rate worked in excess of eight hours in one day