Central poll supervisor (advance polling days)

Principal Tasks

  • Manages the polling place and ensures that all partisan material is removed
  • Ensures the safety of poll workers, electors and candidates' representatives, including ensuring there is enough space for physical distancing, signage and protective equipment
  • Confirms the accessibility of the polling place
  • Ensures that polls are set up as required and that they open and close promptly at the prescribed time
  • Ensures that poll workers arrive on time
  • Distributes materials to poll workers
  • Relays information between the office and poll workers
  • Supervises poll workers to ensure procedures are followed and forms are completed correctly
  • Replaces a poll worker who didn't show up or is taking a break by taking on all of their duties
  • Admits candidates' representatives at the polling place and makes sure they follow the guidelines
  • Ensures proper application of Canada Elections Act in the polling place
  • Supervises the counting of the ballots
  • Manages the collection and return of ballot boxes and election materials
  • Provides the returning officer with the results of the count

Overview of Qualifications

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be at least 16 years old on polling day
  • Have experience in managing large groups to help electors circulate in an orderly fashion
  • Have experience in dealing with the public
  • Have experience in conflict resolution

Remuneration* (Rate is subject to change)

$23.44/hour plus overtime paid at a rate of one and a half times the hourly rate worked in excess of eight hours in one day